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Food Safety Courses

Food Safety Training Courses for High-Performance People and Food Companies.

Advanced HACCP Training

Learn to Develop, Implement, and Review a HACCP application for a food processing operation with our Advanced HACCP Training. Suitable for: Food Operators, Quality officers, QA & Technical Managers, and all HACCP review team members.

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Dryer Safety and Dust Explosion Training

Designed for process and dryer operators and supervisors. Delivered to regulatory Work Safe Code of Practice standard and includes Unit Standard 4831 and 16311 options.

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GMP Training

Current Good Manufacturing Practice GMP Training for critical hygiene areas CHA, Dairy, Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals. Includes global standards FDA, MPI.

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Seafood Processing Training

Seafood Processing Training is designed for people employed in the processing of food and related products in the seafood sector. It further builds on the NZQA level 2 skills and is intended for all operators.

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Quality Assurance Training

Designed for high-performance Quality Assurance Officers, Quality Control team members, Quality Managers, and food companies.

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Advanced Food Auditing Course – Unit Standards 8084, 8085, 8086

Suitable for Coordinators, team leaders, supervisors, managers, and staff interested in further developing their food auditing skills and includes Unit Standards 8084, 8085, 8086 + More!

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Meat Processing Training

New Zealand Certificate in Meat Processing – Levels 3-5 for all operators, coordinators, team leaders, supervisors, managers, and staff interested in further developing their skills.

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Dairy Processing Course

Dairy Processing Course – New Zealand Certificate in Dairy Processing Training, Levels 3-5 is designed for people employed in the processing of food, beverages, and related products in the dairy sector.

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Milk Collection Training

Milk Collection Training – Dairy Sector, Level 4 – is designed for people employed in the collection and processing of milk in the dairy sector.

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New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Processing – Levels 2-3

Food and Beverage Processing Training covers entry-level skills and knowledge, preparing people to play productive operational, services, and storage roles in the food and related products processing industry. It would typically be completed in the first year of employment.

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Contractor Food Safety Induction

Confirms that the contractor understands food safety and how to maintain the safety of food premises. This training assists companies minimise the risk to food safety and standardise operating practices.

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Online Food Safety Course NZ: LIVE Expert-Led Coaching

This Online Food Safety Course NZ Training is identical to our Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate Training. It has been designed to assist learners from remote areas of New Zealand and is also ideal for people who prefer the convenience of online training.

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Food Safety Certificate NZ

Our Food Safety Certificate NZ Training is identical to our Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Training Certificate, just known by a different name.

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Unit Standard 167 Certificate

Suitable for people in food businesses who require training in this specific Unit Standard. Training available in groups of 6 or more at the client site.

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Health And Safety Training Certificate

Suitable for people employed in the processing of food, beverage, and related products, and competitive manufacturing. Training options include Unit Standards 497 and 17593, and customised training to suit business needs.

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Sensory Evaluation Training

Suitable for anyone involved in the supply or collection of food products. Sensory Evaluation Training provides an understanding of sensory testing of food products.

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Incident Management Training

Food Safe’s Incident Management Training is used in both Operations and in Crisis Management by companies across the food sector.

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Environmental And Sustainability Management Training For Food Companies

Sustainability Management Training to assist food companies in applying sustainable environmental practices across food processing operations.

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Start A Food Business from Home Training

Skills and knowledge to start a food business from home. Learn home food business requirements, food safety, and Council requirements including starting a home delivery food business.

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LCQ Course & LCQ Certificate

This LCQ course, Liquor Licence Controller Qualification, covers two Unit Standards – 4646 and 16705.

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Food Safety Training Courses

Food Safe offers a range of food safety training courses for businesses operating across the food and related sectors in New Zealand – including Food Safety Certificate, Food Safety Training, HACCP Training, HACCP Refresher Training, Advanced HACCP Training, Halal Training, Allergen Training, CIP Training, Heat Treatment Training, Quality Assurance, and Internal Auditing.

We also offer customised training to suit specific business needs.

View our range of food safety services here.

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trainee reviews

Very grateful my sound wasn't working so communicated through messages thankyou so much.
Entertaining and enlightening course.
Keith was an excellent instructor, very personable, friendly and inclusive!! You did a great job, thank you very much!!!
Keith was an insightful and very knowledgeable trainer. The pace of the course was ideal for me. I appreciated that all participants had some attention, but never derailed the flow of the training, which could have happened with such a diverse group. The breakdown of bacterial threats really helped me understand the importance of hygiene both at work and at home. I shall be scrubbing my fridge this week! I finished the course with a clear idea of what actions we need to undertake going forward, especially record keeping. Many thanks to Keith for sharing his knowledge in such an accessible way. 👍.
I really enjoyed the structure and instructions given in this course! Keith was very knowledgeable and made sure everyone received personalised guidance for their business/needs. I highly recommend this course for those seeking to pass audits and gain a better understanding of NZ’s requirements for Food and Safety.
My name is Helen from Nigeria.Great training training. The tutor is very helpful in understanding what you need to know about Food Safety and Food Control Plan.Thank you
Excellent course. The trainer made things interesting and easy to understand. Very informative and useful information for anyone in the food industry.
KEITH was awesome. I have been dealing with the food act for years and always felt so overwhelmed with the daunting processes and dreaded audits.Not any more.He also highlights HOW IMPORTANT as food handlers that responsibility and recording is.
It's awesome experience to attend and learn from food safety discussion. From here I gain more useful and practical way of food handling. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Awesome experience, my instructor was educational, hilarious and informative great job to him
Very informative, straight forward and easy to understand. Thanks to Keith, training went so smoothly!
Excellent course
Relaxed, engaging and informative online course
Great training. Friendly host with relatable examples. Thank you.
Pitched perfectly to my mahi with a relaxed and personable tutor who knew his stuff. I really enjoyed this session! Thankyou Keith, you rock!
The training is good and very understandable.
An excellent and enjoyable training experience. Keith provided a very comprehensive training programme which was spot on. I now feel wellprepared to embark on my bakery venture as well as the registration and verification processes. Many thanks!
I had a great time..👍👍👍
I was trained by Keith 2 years ago. Thoroughly enjoy his teaching. Keep up the Awesome work KeithThank you for having me today and enjoy your weekend 😁
The instructor was very intuitive and fun and made an effort to involve everyone or compare the circumstances of each participant to the information being presented allowing us to properly understand and hopefully retain the information better
From the Lil Abners Takeaway Team,well organised and very useful course for online training, the additional information provided at the end is great. Keith made sure everyone was included, we had breaks and some fun at the end, would recommend this course any day. Thank you Keith for all.
I was recommended by a family member to get my food safe certificate for my business through Food Safe LTD. I signed my self and my staff. My staff was a little nervous. On arrival our Tutor for the day Mr keith was very welcoming and friendly and made not just us but the whole class feel comfortable . All the nervousness that my self and my staff had went out the window. Keith interacted with everyone in the class, keith was very professional and made it very easy for us to communicate and understand the food safe process. By the end off the class everyone one with out a doubt clearly understood the Food Safe process all thanks to our amazing tutor Keith witch was a pleasure. I personally highly recommend as it was fun learning experience and you will not be disappointed 10/10 . Thank you Keith and everyone at Food Safe. 😀
Keith Michael is a very passionate and knowledgeable facilitator. The course allowed us time to process, ask questions and enjoy learning about Food Safety. Highly recommend
Great course. Simple and easy to understand, the fundamentals of food safety presented in an informative and easy to follow online class by an enthusiastic and knowledgable instructor.
The course was excellent.
I had the pleasure of having Keith as my food trainer. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, but very personable and timely. He knew how to keep us engaged and informed on food safety standards.
Keith was very professional and explained scenarios well. He answered all my questions I had. Felt very comfortable.
Quick, fast and very interesting. Definitely helpful for a new business owner in the industry!!!
Love it. To be recommended. Keith was great! Session was interesting and enjoyable.Keith shared heaps of useful information and delivered it with professionalism.Concepts were explained effectively.It was a positive learning experience, very enriching. Thank you!
Very enjoyable/informative online course! Keith answered any questions with ease and provided me with new information which I can implement in my career. Thanks a bunch!
Excellent tutor, lots of up to date relevant information. Highly recommend. Thankyou
Great experience with Keith today, goes over all the points that need to be addressed and explained everything in a way for all participants in different jobs at every step to be able to understand, I have done HACCP training before and this was better than my last experiences
The course was very informative and fun. I am grateful to gain more knowledge about food safety to ensure the safety of our families, customers and people in general.Thank you Keith for sharing your knowledge.
Very informative relevate and up to date information provided by Keith on food safety
Great class and personally for me has been a great refresher but some really good information and guidance for people getting into hospitality and starting their own business - Thanks very much Keith and all the best