Clean-In-Place CIP Training

Clean in Place CIP training is designed for people employed across the food sectors who employ CIP and SIP processes as part of cleaning, hygiene, and GMP systems.

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About Clean-in-Place CIP Training

Food Safe’s Clean in Place training is designed for people employed across the food sectors who employ CIP and SIP processes as part of their cleaning, hygiene, and GMP systems.

It further builds operator verification skills, on-job competency awareness around chemicals as well as microbiology while improving the company’s clean-in-place (CIP) system’s effectiveness.

Our Clean in Place Training is suitable for: all operators, coordinators, team leaders, supervisors, engineers, managers, and staff interested in further developing their skills.

Clean-In-Place (CIP) Training Level 3-4 Dairy Sector:
Food Safe collaborates with Primary ITO to offer Dairy programmes. Registration includes an ITO training agreement and administration.

This training as well as the New Zealand Certificate in Dairy Processing – Levels 3-5 is available on request.

Clean in Place CIP Training Course Content

  • An introduction to cleaning chemicals and CIP (clean-in-place)
  • An introduction to microbiology and an understanding of how CIP and SIP systems are used to prevent microbiological growth and contamination of the product
  • An overview of the different types of cleaning chemicals and sanitisers and how this relates to pH knowledge
  • An introduction to the right chemicals for the right soils
  • Introduction to key components for CIP to be effective (time, temperature, flow, chemical, concentration, and soil loads
  • Optimal timings for CIP; what are the points to keep in mind if the timing is not automated
  • An introduction to titration checks and its role in CIP
  • How effective CIP is assessed – general basic CIP checks
  • Corrective and preventive actions

About Food Safe

Food Safe Ltd is Accredited by the New Zealand Government + is a Category 1 NZQA-Registered PTE. Training complies with the Food Safety Bylaws and Verifier Audits right across New Zealand.

Our food safety training, quality assurance, and auditing services are trusted by both well-known New Zealand and Global food companies and heaps of small teams too!

Food Safe’s advisory committee includes leading experts, quality and compliance managers, and governance experts. For even more information about Food Safe and the companies we work with, click here

Why Choose us for your Training?

The information we provide you on Clean In Place is the very latest.

Our training:

  • Complements compliance requirements
  • Is simplified and visual, and supportive of implementing learning back on-job
  • Is delivered by a trained ISO 9001 & 22000 lead auditor
  • Is delivered by a trainer with first-hand knowledge and experience in high compliance operations where Food Safe also operates, such as the dairy and meat sectors

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