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Helping Young People Succeed – Launchpad

Launchpad is a unique pilot program of Food Safe’s by invitation, developed to simplify food science, food safety, technology, data science, digital marketing, problem-solving, math, divergent thinking, entrepreneurship, and building a tangible enterprise.

Launchpad suits all young people and kids and could especially suit those who may not connect with a traditional classroom model or who might have learning challenges as well as anyone who is free-spirited, likes to experience an unboxed learning approach and perhaps keen to also learn skills they don’t teach you at school.

Launchpad explodes some of these myths:

  • There is only one answer to a question and it’s at the back of the book
  • You have to be a certain age to learn things
  • There are non-smart kids!

Unconstrained do-it-myself learning from something as simple as Lemonade Stands for kids, Making a Muesli Bar, understanding How Food Products are Made to how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used in food manufacture. A genuine launchpad for young people who don’t want to be forced to wait to learn something that intrigues them right now!

Launchpad encourages young people to:

  • Think differently about what they can achieve
  • Gets over the constraining conceptions of academic and non-academic abilities
  • Does away with boxing learning into abstract, theoretical and vocational streams
  • Looks beyond age and year group as the key factor of success
  • Encourages entrepreneurial learning that’s both dynamic and unconstrained!
Launchpad Training

The slides below explain Divergent Thinking and how it has influenced our Launchpad program:

Education for the 21st Century – the Sir Ken Robinson lecture visualised

These slides explain the Genesis of Launchpad from a Tikanga Māori and indigenous perspective:

Launchpad also aims at improving young people’s Adaptability Quotient

In this TED Lecture, Natalie Fratto explains 3 ways to measure your Adaptability and improve it

World Economic Forum Schools of the Future Report

World Economic Forum Report makes for some interesting and related reading as it defines “New Models of Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” outlining a new framework for education in the new economic and social context as Launchpad attempts to do.

Launchpad is aimed at improving young peoples understanding of future technologies & automation

This McKinsey video explains Automation and the new world of work

For more information, call us on +64 9 2814226 or email [email protected]

Launchpad Training

Food Safe Ltd is Accredited by the New Zealand Government + is a Category 1 NZQA-Registered PTE. Training complies with Codex Guidelines

Our training is science-based on New Zealand regulatory and globally recognised best practice including – MPI, FAO, FDA, EU

Food Safe’s advisory committee includes leading experts, quality and compliance managers, and governance experts. For even more information about Food Safe and the companies we work with, click here

For more information, call us on +64 9 2814226 or email [email protected]