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Advice on Business Start-Up

According to The World Economic Forum, a staggering 90% of small businesses end in failure.

At Food Safe we are passionate about helping you succeed and beat the odds. We believe you can start a successful business if you learn about some of the pitfalls ahead and what it takes to succeed!

This business startup advice page for entrepreneurs and the resource videos we have curated from some well know people that we follow too, help you better understand and navigate the challenges ahead as a new food business owner and entrepreneur.

This video explains the Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs – Guy Kawasaki

Mistakes to avoid when starting any business:

  1. Multiply big numbers by 1 per cent
  2. Scale too fast
  3. Focus on partnerships
  4. Focus on the pitch
  5. Use too many slides
  6. Proceed serially
  7. Retain control
  8. Use patents for defensibility
  9. Hire like you
  10. Befriend your investors

This video explains the Top 10 Rules For Success – Marcus Lemonis

10 Rules For Food Business Start-up Success

  1. Make a business plan
  2. Have enough working capital
  3. Create a to-do list for tomorrow
  4. Take care of your employees
  5. Have the knowledge
  6. Constantly re-invent yourself
  7. Always stay one step ahead
  8. Stick to the grind
  9. Push through the fear of failure
  10. Standout

This video explains 10 More Rules For Success – Michael Moritz

10 More Rules For Food Businesses to Succeed

  1. Stay in touch with your product
  2. Seek out excellence
  3. Be ready to seize the opportunity
  4. Do what excites you
  5. Think about tomorrow
  6. Care deeply
  7. Follow your instincts
  8. Be ready to move on
  9. Indulge your passion
  10. Learn from Steve Jobs
    1. Focus
    2. Simplify
    3. Take Responsibility End to End
    4. When Behind, Leapfrog
    5. Put Products Before Profits
    6. Don’t Be a Slave To Focus Groups
    7. Bend Reality
    8. Impute
    9. Push for Perfection
    10. Tolerate Only “A” Players
    11. Engage Face-to-Face
    12. Know, both the Big Picture and the Details
    13. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

This video explains how to build a tower and a team as you grow – Tom Wujec

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