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Food Safety Course Manukau: Delivering Expert-led Food Safety Certificate Training for Everyone in Manukau and South Auckland and across New Zealand, LIVE via our ONLINE CLASSROOMS.

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Public food safety courses at Auckland (Grey Lynn, Manukau, North Shore) and Christchurch; and at company sites across New Zealand.

Suitable for:

This food safety and hygiene certificate suits people looking for a job or working in:

  • The Essential Food Services sector
  • Home Food Businesses
  • Cafes, Restaurants & Hotels
  • Supermarkets, Dairies & Convenience stores
  • Aged-care facilities & Hospitals
  • Child Care Centres (ECE)
  • Food Truck Drivers
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Cold Storage and Supply Chain
  • Produce Handling roles
  • Hygiene and Cleaning jobs
  • Meat, Seafood and Dairy companies

It is also suitable for:

  • fruit pickers and farm workers; and
  • people looking to up-skill, re-tool your CV for the job market

The training is customised for both small & large companies who require training as part of the Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015 and local council Bylaws around New Zealand including Community / Charity / Healthcare teams who simply want to operate to best practice.

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Food Safety Certificate Training Content:

Includes an exclusive Pre-Training Online Classroom with show-me-how videos + a Post-Training FaceBook Community Group to support Learners and Business Owners well after training.

  • Find out answers to questions such as: Can I cook food from home for sale? What does a verifier look for when auditing me? What does jargon such as a “Level 2 National Programme FCP” mean?
  • Effective personal hygiene when working with food validation of hand washing technique show-me-how videos.
  • You will understand the science of allergic reactions and immune response and food intolerance.
  • Primary allergen groups (applicable worldwide) and practice allergen identification exercises.
  • Effective allergen management tools in a food business such as labelling and cleaning.
  • Key HACCP training NZ temperatures + global standards including both Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F) and recording temperature of high-risk food. This training has been used by our trainees around the world.
  • Knowledge of hazards that cause foodborne illness and food spoilage in a food business including pathogenic bacteria, mould, and viruses
  • Knowledge of methods used to control hazards that cause foodborne illness and food spoilage in a food business.
  • Identifying common examples of food safety risks.
  • Food safety hazards and HACCP controls
  • Pest control and how to control pests
  • Criteria for verifier inspections and audit checklists.
  • Overview of legislation including the Food Standards Code 2002, Food Act 2014, Food Regulations and how the law applies to food businesses
  • Key elements of a Food Control Plan (FCP) + 3 Step Corrective Action (Codex Alimentarius)
  • How to fill out key food safety records – Food Control Plan Diary examples
  • Verification and how to achieve a Council Audit A Grades Extra research and microbiology information based on our MOC with AUT University – School of Applied Sciences.

This certificate training includes an Introduction to HACCP as a bonus for job-seekers and those working in high food safety compliance like a Dairy, Meat or Seafood processing factory.

  • Introduction to the Seven Principles of HACCP
  • Conduct a Hazard Analysis
  • Identify the Critical Control Points
  • Establish Critical Limits
  • Monitor CCP
  • Establish Corrective Action
  • Verification
  • Recordkeeping – FCP.
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Food Safety Course Manukau – Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Training Certificate Programme:

  1. Government Accredited + NZQA Registered PTE, recognized by Councils complies with Bylaws.
  2. Ideal for Small + Big Businesses, Cafes, New owners, Job-seekers, Senior Living, Childcare, etc.
  3. Includes Food Act 2014, Food Control Plans, and Food Safety Records.
  4. Delivered by Expert.
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