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Food Safe is a 100% Kiwi-Owned and Globally Operated Company based in the home of Middle Earth, New Zealand

About Food Safe

Food Safe’s scope Food Safe’s area of expertise encompasses the entire food supply chain, spanning from farm to consumer, and covers various food sectors not only in New Zealand but also in Australia, Asia, Africa, and the USA.

These sectors include Dairy, Seafood, Meat, Poultry, Produce, Horticulture, Manufacturing, Processing, and Supermarket Retail.

Food Safe specializes in offering comprehensive services such as Food Safety Training, Internal Auditing, Project Management, Digital Solutions, Immersive Reality 360, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence tailored to the specific needs of food companies.

Some notable projects undertaken by Food Safe involve creating customized solutions and delivering training programs for prominent companies and stakeholders, including but not limited to AFFCO, Amcor, Blount Fine Foods, Callahan Innovation, Danone, DSM Nutritionals, GWF, Griffins Foods, Indomilk, Jamestrong, Jack Links, LeaderBrand, Mataura Valley Milk, Pact Group, Nestle, Oceania Dairy, the New Zealand Government, Tip Top, Miraka, Live Seafood Export, Vosen, Yashili, Waiu Dairy, and Westland Milk Products, among others

Our Unique Approach

Technical Competency of Food Safe’s Managing Director, Keith Michael:


Keith holds a Certificate in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors (IOD), New Zealand, with years of experience as a Company Director where he has assisted people and companies with smart purpose-built solutions for Operations, Technical, and Compliance teams across the world.

View Keith’s Food Safety subject matter and Technical Competency Record here.

In addition to his roles at Food Safe, Keith is actively involved in other significant endeavors, including:

  • Auckland University of Technology: Assisting Dr. Brent Seale in developing and launching New Zealand’s pioneering specialized BSc Food Safety Degree.
  • Board Level Advisor:  Offering teach-ins and expertise in Food Safety Compliance, Risk Audit, and AI to CEOs, Boards, and VCs across the globe.
  • Keynote speaker: Food Safety Conferences – 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2023
NZQA Food Safe EER Rating

Category 1 NZQA-Registered PTE

Food Safe is also a Category 1 Private Training Establishment (PTE) that has been granted registration by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) under Part 18 of the Education Act 1989.

External Evaluation and Review (EER) status of Food Safe, including statements of confidence: Category 1 training provider – NZQA is:

  • Highly Confident in our Education Performance and
  • Highly Confident in our Capability in Self-Assessment
Food Safe New Zealand Government Accreditation

New Zealand Government Accreditation

Food Safe Limited was assessed and accredited by the New Zealand Government.

This accreditation was in addition to our New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) Private Training Establishment (PTE) Category 1 Accreditation and an added, independent, governmental level quality assurance assessment for the following:

  1. Client-centered services
  2. Governance and management structure and systems
  3. Health and safety
  4. Staffing
  5. Resolution of complaints related to service provision
  6. Financial management and systems

Memorandum of Collaborations:

Global Trust

We are actively connected with both our local & global community on:

Food Safe Community


For Food Safe, being sustainable and going beyond commerce is a continuous improvement journey where we earn our social license to operate and grow!

Learn more about our efforts on this page.

We have taken our first steps and focused on the following specific elements for the road ahead:

  • We strive to maintain a high degree of integrity and ethics in our actions and decisions – Rangatiratanga
  • We pursue knowledge and ideas that will strengthen and grow our value, brand and community. Helping people and companies succeed while building intellectual property through Research & Development – Tohungatanga
  • We operate thoughtfully and engage meaningfully putting people at the core while we connect with our community including iwi and Māori, the Tangata Whenua or indigenous people of New Zealand as well as around the Globe – Manaakitanga
  • We strive to minimize our impact: environmental, social, cultural, and on the ecosystem, we belong to – Kaitiakitanga
  • We are transparent and accountable to stakeholders and quality assurance frameworks we operate within.

Food Safe Experts

Parul Sheopuri

Director: Strategy & Client Services

Keith Michael

Director and Lead Trainer

Neil Oshlag-Michael

Data Science Advisor

Peter Storey

Mentor & Guide

Clinton Rule

Industry Advisor

Vidya Kulkarni

Biotechnology Advisor

Global Quality: New Zealand’s Food Safety Systems Recognition

New Zealand Comparability Determination by FDA

Report on the Comparability Determination of the Food Safety Component of the New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries

Source: FDA

View More
New Zealand’s Global Role with Codex Alimentarius

New Zealand is a founding member of Codex and chairs two important Codex committees on Milk Products (CCMMP) and Meat Hygiene (CCMH)

Source: FAO

View More
Te Whare Tapa Whā

Te Whare Tapa Whā

Our Tangata Whenua Guides and Mentors include Huhana Mete – Director of Tumanako Global Leadership & Peter Storey – Teaching and Learning Manager at Tai Poutini Polytechnic.

Te Whare Tapa Whā is a model of the 4 dimensions of well being developed by Sir Mason Durie to provide a Māori perspective on health that we have incorporated at Food Safe to guide our approach to supporting not just Māori but all learners in our training programmes.

Code of Practice

Learn more about our:

    • Code of Practice here
    • Learner Well-being, Health & Safety Policy here

The 4 dimensions of learner wellbeing include:

Taha Hinengaro (mental and emotional wellbeing) of our learners, as well as how learners communicate and think regardless of whether or not they experience mental illness or distress.

Taha Whānau (family wellbeing) is about who makes our learners feel like they belong, who learners care about, and who they share their life with. Whānau is about extended relationships – it’s not just learner’s immediate relatives, it’s their friends, hoamahi (colleagues), community, and the people they care about.

Taha Tinana (physical wellbeing) refers to a learner’s physical wellbeing.

Taha Wairua (inner well-being): A learner’s inner drive is their life force – their mauri. This is who and what they are, where they have come from, and where they are going.

To understand how we incorporate each of these dimensions and the Manu Kōkiri vision into our training click here

The principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, as articulated by the Waitangi Tribunal, provide the framework for how we will meet our obligations under Te Tiriti at Food Safe Ltd.

The principles that apply to our work are as follows.

Tino rangatiratanga:

The guarantee of tino rangatiratanga, which provides for Māori self-determination and mana motuhake in the design, delivery, and execution of our education services.

Equity: The principle of equity, requires us to commit to achieving equitable education outcomes for Māori learners.

Active protection: The principle of active protection, requires us to act, to the fullest extent practicable, to achieve equitable education outcomes for Māori learners.

Options: The principle of options, requires us to provide for and properly resource our services. Furthermore, we feel obliged to ensure that all our education services are provided in a culturally appropriate way (described above) that recognizes and supports Māori learners.

Partnership: The principle of partnership, requires us to collaborate with our Māori learners,  in the design, delivery, and execution of our education services.

All our trainees including Māori learners are co-designers of our education services and the feedback loop from our reviews is a performance indicator of this.

The bottom-line



We are experts in our field, with relevant cross-sector experience over many years that feed into our work. Our training is Food Science-Based, in line with Codex Alimentarius, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Human Factor Best Practice.


People know us, respect our mana, quality assurance and look to us as a leader in our industry. We are Government Accredited as an authoritative and technically competent collaborator with a long and respected track record of both execution and delivery.


We are trusted as a reliable source of information which is based on peer-reviewed research, regulations (eg MPI, FDA, EU, CFDA) Certification Standards and backed by Hundreds of Verifiable Reviews by both Trainees and well known Global Brands.

How we collaborate with companies

Companies we work with

Food Safe’s Quality Assurance

Meets Global Codex & MPI Standards

Category 1 Rated NZQA Registered PTE

Training by ISO 22000 Qualified Experts

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trainee reviews

I wasn't looking forward to this on-line experience... but the whole process from start to finish was super easy, fun and easy to follow. Keith was super attentive, socially aware, and has a huge understanding of almost everything! And it was fun! I smiled for most of the course! Kept me engaged through the whole process. Thanks heaps.
Very grateful my sound wasn't working so communicated through messages thankyou so much.
Entertaining and enlightening course.
Keith was an excellent instructor, very personable, friendly and inclusive!! You did a great job, thank you very much!!!
Keith was an insightful and very knowledgeable trainer. The pace of the course was ideal for me. I appreciated that all participants had some attention, but never derailed the flow of the training, which could have happened with such a diverse group. The breakdown of bacterial threats really helped me understand the importance of hygiene both at work and at home. I shall be scrubbing my fridge this week! I finished the course with a clear idea of what actions we need to undertake going forward, especially record keeping. Many thanks to Keith for sharing his knowledge in such an accessible way. 👍.
I really enjoyed the structure and instructions given in this course! Keith was very knowledgeable and made sure everyone received personalised guidance for their business/needs. I highly recommend this course for those seeking to pass audits and gain a better understanding of NZ’s requirements for Food and Safety.
My name is Helen from Nigeria.Great training training. The tutor is very helpful in understanding what you need to know about Food Safety and Food Control Plan.Thank you
Excellent course. The trainer made things interesting and easy to understand. Very informative and useful information for anyone in the food industry.
KEITH was awesome. I have been dealing with the food act for years and always felt so overwhelmed with the daunting processes and dreaded audits.Not any more.He also highlights HOW IMPORTANT as food handlers that responsibility and recording is.
It's awesome experience to attend and learn from food safety discussion. From here I gain more useful and practical way of food handling. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Awesome experience, my instructor was educational, hilarious and informative great job to him
Very informative, straight forward and easy to understand. Thanks to Keith, training went so smoothly!
Excellent course
Relaxed, engaging and informative online course
Great training. Friendly host with relatable examples. Thank you.
Pitched perfectly to my mahi with a relaxed and personable tutor who knew his stuff. I really enjoyed this session! Thankyou Keith, you rock!
The training is good and very understandable.
An excellent and enjoyable training experience. Keith provided a very comprehensive training programme which was spot on. I now feel wellprepared to embark on my bakery venture as well as the registration and verification processes. Many thanks!
I had a great time..👍👍👍
I was trained by Keith 2 years ago. Thoroughly enjoy his teaching. Keep up the Awesome work KeithThank you for having me today and enjoy your weekend 😁
The instructor was very intuitive and fun and made an effort to involve everyone or compare the circumstances of each participant to the information being presented allowing us to properly understand and hopefully retain the information better
From the Lil Abners Takeaway Team,well organised and very useful course for online training, the additional information provided at the end is great. Keith made sure everyone was included, we had breaks and some fun at the end, would recommend this course any day. Thank you Keith for all.
I was recommended by a family member to get my food safe certificate for my business through Food Safe LTD. I signed my self and my staff. My staff was a little nervous. On arrival our Tutor for the day Mr keith was very welcoming and friendly and made not just us but the whole class feel comfortable . All the nervousness that my self and my staff had went out the window. Keith interacted with everyone in the class, keith was very professional and made it very easy for us to communicate and understand the food safe process. By the end off the class everyone one with out a doubt clearly understood the Food Safe process all thanks to our amazing tutor Keith witch was a pleasure. I personally highly recommend as it was fun learning experience and you will not be disappointed 10/10 . Thank you Keith and everyone at Food Safe. 😀
Keith Michael is a very passionate and knowledgeable facilitator. The course allowed us time to process, ask questions and enjoy learning about Food Safety. Highly recommend
Great course. Simple and easy to understand, the fundamentals of food safety presented in an informative and easy to follow online class by an enthusiastic and knowledgable instructor.
The course was excellent.
I had the pleasure of having Keith as my food trainer. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, but very personable and timely. He knew how to keep us engaged and informed on food safety standards.
Keith was very professional and explained scenarios well. He answered all my questions I had. Felt very comfortable.
Quick, fast and very interesting. Definitely helpful for a new business owner in the industry!!!
Love it. To be recommended. Keith was great! Session was interesting and enjoyable.Keith shared heaps of useful information and delivered it with professionalism.Concepts were explained effectively.It was a positive learning experience, very enriching. Thank you!
Very enjoyable/informative online course! Keith answered any questions with ease and provided me with new information which I can implement in my career. Thanks a bunch!