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NZQA External Evaluation Review (EER) Audit of Food Safe

Food Safe Ltd NZQA Category 1 Status

Food Safe achieves perfect Category 1 status in the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) External Evaluation Review (EER) Evaluation (audit) report.

How is an External Evaluation Review (audit) by NZQA useful?

An external audit by an independent 3rd party such as NZQA evaluators helps trainees and businesses looking for training to assess the suitability of a training company for its ability to meet their training needs as well as to evaluate and compare training providers.

What is the purpose of an External Evaluation Review?

The purpose of an external evaluation and review report (audit) is to provide a public statement about the Tertiary Education Organisation’s (TEO) educational performance and capability in self-assessment.

It forms part of the accountability process required by the Government to inform investors, the public, students, prospective students, communities, employers, and other interested parties.

It is intended to be used by the TEO itself for quality improvement purposes.

What elements do NZQA Evaluators review objectively for this evaluation report?

  1. How well do Food Safe learners achieve? Score: Excellent
  2. What is the outcome and value of Food Safe trainees? Score: Excellent
  3. How well does Food Safe’s training match learners’ needs? Score: Excellent
  4. How effective is Food Safe’s teaching? Score: Excellent
  5. What sort of support do Food Safe’s learners receive? Score: Excellent
  6. How effective is Food Safe’s governance/management? Score: Excellent

How did Food Safe score in relation to these 6 evaluation criteria?

Food Safe scored an Excellent rating for each of the 6 evaluation criteria above.

Food Safe achieves Category 1 NZQA Status

What is NZQA’s Final Review Rating of Food Safe?

Our NZQA EER review results in the following Category 1 rating:

  • Highly Confident in Education Performance of Food Safe
  • Highly Confident in Capability In Self-Assessment of Food Safe

The video below shows you how Food Safe collaborates with companies and trainees to deliver food safety training:

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