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Food Safety Culture

What is Food Safety Culture?

In simple terms culture is about How, Why, and When operators practice Food Safety

Why focus on Food Safety Culture?

Several global food safety investigations and reports, that have followed food safety breakdowns, such as the Listeria outbreak in the USA that killed close to 33 people in 2011 to the E-coli 0104-04 outbreak that killed over 20 people in Germany and New Zealand’s ‘Whey Protein Concentrate Contamination Incident Report‘ have recommended that food companies consider tracking and improving Food Safety Culture in addition to other risk control measures.

Many of these deaths, food safety scares, food re-calls, losses were preventable if Food Safety Culture was a meaningful focus of food companies and senior managers.

So what is the challenge when it comes to the objective measurement of culture?

The challenge for management and food companies in addition to knowledge is, finding an easy-to-use tool to effectively measure Food Safety Culture, so this can be tracked and acted upon.

So what influences Food Safety Culture and how can a company measure it?

Here is a presentation about Food Safe’s innovative analysis tool that helps explain what culture means and how a company can and should measure Food Safety Culture.

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What makes Food Safe’s tool unique?

  • The tool is mobile-friendly, a relatively quick quiz to take. It can be completed before or after a class or remotely on the computer by email link.
  • The quality of the operator feedforward is superior because of the rapport the Food Safe trainer builds with operators in the classroom.
  • It has been well tested and has received good feedback from senior management about the meaningful insight it provides.

How and why this report boosts the management of the team?

  • The final report is jargon-free, pinpoints gaps with clarity, and presented as visual dials, bar, and spider graphs.
  • The tool allows for benchmarking between departments/sites (nationally and globally), multiple times for regular reporting.
  • The reports are solutions-focused with quantifiable NZQA unit standards competency suggestions that Food Safe and the ITO can assist train.

What is contingency liability and how does training minimise this cost while also targeting culture?

Eager to know more?

Give us a ring on 0800 003 097 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll show you how you too can benefit from our world-leading tool that can measure Food Safety Culture.

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Want to know more? Here are two videos about How we collaborate with companies and our highly-rated HACCP Training that targets risk management.