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This Guide to Organic Food and resources helps provide you with an overview of Organic Food and to also understand how Organic Food is Certified.

At Food Safe we believe an understanding based on science helps provide you with a strong conceptual and learning foundation, an approach that both MPI and Global organizations like FAO also endorse.

The material contained in these resources is only intended for the purposes of providing a basic overview.

While all reasonable effort is made to ensure the information is current at the time of training, it is not intended to take the place of or to represent, regulations or legislation that are updated continuously.

This video explains the Effect of Organic Food

Here’s an academic paper on Nutrition-related health effects of organic foods – a systematic review

FAO Organic Agriculture Overview

Code of Practice Concerning Source Directed Measures to Reduce Contamination of Food with Chemicals

MPI Revised Organic Produce Requirements Summary of Amendments

MPI Organic Production Rules 2020

MPI Organic Wine Memo v4

MPI Organic Export Requirement Recognised Agencies and Persons

MPI Organics Standard to December 2019

AQ Organics Standard 2018-v7

AQ Certification Procedures Supporting The Organic Programme

This FAO video explains a science-based approach to Food Safety.