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Delivering Expert-led Food Safety Certificate Training for Everyone in Taupō District and across New Zealand, LIVE via our ONLINE CLASSROOMS. Food Safe is Accredited by the New Zealand Government + A NZQA Category 1 PTE

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Suitable for:

This food safety and hygiene certificate suits people looking for a job or working in:

  • The Essential Food Services sector
  • Home Food Businesses
  • Cafes, Restaurants & Hotels
  • Supermarkets, Dairies & Convenience stores
  • Aged-care facilities & Hospitals
  • Child Care Centres (ECE)
  • Food Truck Drivers
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Cold Storage and Supply Chain
  • Produce Handling roles
  • Hygiene and Cleaning jobs
  • Meat, Seafood and Dairy companies

It is also suitable for:

  • fruit pickers and farm workers; and
  • people looking to up-skill, re-tool your CV for the job market

The training is customised for both small & large companies who require training as part of the Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015 and local council Bylaws around New Zealand including Community / Charity / Healthcare teams who simply want to operate to best practice.

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About us:

Food Safe Ltd is Accredited by the New Zealand Government + is a Category 1 NZQA PTE. Training complies with the Food Safety Bylaws and Verifier Audits right across New Zealand.

Our food safety training is trusted by both well known New Zealand and Global food companies and heaps of small teams too!

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Food Safety Certificate Training Content:

Includes an exclusive Pre-Training Online Classroom with show-me-how videos + a Post-Training FaceBook Community Group to support Learners and Business Owners well after training.

  • Find out answers to questions such as: Can I cook food from home for sale? What does a verifier look for when auditing me? What does jargon such as a “Level 2 National Programme FCP” mean?
  • Effective personal hygiene when working with food validation of hand washing technique show-me-how videos.
  • You will understand the science of allergic reactions and immune response and food intolerance.
  • Primary allergen groups (applicable worldwide) and practice allergen identification exercises.
  • Effective allergen management tools in a food business such as labelling and cleaning.
  • Key HACCP training NZ temperatures + global standards including both Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F) and recording temperature of high-risk food. This training has been used by our trainees around the world.
  • Knowledge of hazards that cause foodborne illness and food spoilage in a food business including pathogenic bacteria, mould, and viruses
  • Knowledge of methods used to control hazards that cause foodborne illness and food spoilage in a food business.
  • Identifying common examples of food safety risks.
  • Food safety hazards and HACCP controls
  • Pest control and how to control pests
  • Criteria for verifier inspections and audit checklists.
  • Overview of legislation including the Food Standards Code 2002, Food Act 2014, Food Regulations and how the law applies to food businesses
  • Key elements of a Food Control Plan (FCP) + 3 Step Corrective Action (Codex Alimentarius)
  • How to fill out key food safety records – Food Control Plan Diary examples
  • Verification and how to achieve a Council Audit A Grades Extra research and microbiology information based on our MOC with AUT University – School of Applied Sciences.

This certificate training includes an Introduction to HACCP as a bonus for job-seekers and those working in high food safety compliance like a Dairy, Meat or Seafood processing factory.

  • Introduction to the Seven Principles of HACCP
  • Conduct a Hazard Analysis
  • Identify the Critical Control Points
  • Establish Critical Limits
  • Monitor CCP
  • Establish Corrective Action
  • Verification
  • Recordkeeping – FCP.

If you are in Taupō District region, who do you Register Your Food Control Plan with:

If you have a: Register with:
Templated FCP – Single Council Taupō District Council
Customised FCP MPI
Templated FCP – Multiple Councils MPI or individual councils (choose best option)
National Programme – Single Council Taupō District Council

Companies we’ve worked with:

We have collaborated and delivered training at a number of performance-fuelled organizations and global brands, some of which are outlined below.

Food Safe New Zealand and Global Food Companies

Why Choose us for your Food Safety Training?

  • The information we provide you, on food safety, is the very latest.
  • If you like to learn in an interactive environment, where a bunch of other trainees share experiences and ask the engaging questions you might be too shy to ask, this is the perfect food safety certificate nz (in New Zealand) for you.
  • Yes! We use slides, pictures, and show-me-how videos
  • Training is delivered by an Industry Expert with Lead Audit ISO 22000 qualifications and has extensive practical experience in high-compliance food manufacture, which we bring to the classroom. View your Expert Trainer’s NZQA Record of Achievement
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