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Free Food Safety Training Online

Welcome to this free e-learning resources we have exclusively curated for all our global visitors.

Service Cost: Free

About the Free Food Safety Training

Welcome to the free e-learning resources we have exclusively curated for all our global visitors!

When you are finished with this page or if you are from New Zealand and would also like to benefit from a few more useful free resources from the home of middle earth, New Zealand, that we have curated for Kiwis, click on this link, Ngā mihi.

The free food safety training resources are designed for you to self-learn. We do not provide a Certificate of Achievement as part of this service.

If you would like to earn a Certificate of Achievement, we deliver Expert-led Food Safety Certificate Training LIVE via our Online Classrooms. More information here.

What is included with Free Training

Get/Learn about Free Online Learning Expert-Led Training
Certificate of Achievement Not included (Self-learning) Certificate of Achievement (Useful for Jobs and Audits)
Community Support Group None Exclusive Facebook Community Support Group of our graduates and business owners
Fun Environment Basic LIVE Classroom Interaction & Fun Delivery (Not a video recording or App!)
Trainee Reviews Basic Read 350+ 5☆ Reviews. You deserve not to miss out!
Safe & Suitable Food Basic Detailed Best Practice
Covid-19 Basic Learn about Covid-19, other Pathogens & Hygiene Best Practice
Food Poisoning Basic More Detailed
Risk Levels Basic More Detailed
HACCP Basic HACCP Explanation
Allergen Management Coaching Not included Basic Allergen Management Best Practice Coaching
Special Dietary Requirements (ECE; Hospitals etc) Not included Detailed
Corrective Action Not included Detailed
Handling Customer Complaints Not included Detailed
Cleaning & Sanitising Not included Detailed

Codex and the Food We Eat

The video below introduces you to Codex Alimentarius and the role played by this important organization globally

Preventing Foodborne Illness

The video is about Preventing Foodborne Illness – Talking to Patients About Food Safety – FDA

Food Safety

The video is about Food Safety and Deciding if you are Going to Eat That for Adults – FDA


COVID 19 remains a personal and Food Safety risk that needs to be managed globally.

The videos we have curated below help are to help our global visitors like you understand the risk of foodborne viruses such as Norovirus and COVID 19.

The video is a Black Light Simulation which shows How Quickly Bacteria & Viruses Can Spread in RestaurantsSource: Now This

The video shows How cleaning your hands with soap and water helps minimise the spread of microbiological hazards – Source: WHO

The video shows How to wear a face mask safely – Source: WHO

HACCP – Part 1

The video below explains how HACCP is used to make products safe

HACCP – Part 2

The video below explains how HACCP is used to make products safe

Food Safe has also put together some useful resources for people like you or your family, friends, or wider network with unique medical and food safety needs, below. Please share this page with others so that even more people can benefit.

Free Food Safety Training Resources

Five Keys To Safer Food Manual – WHO:

FDA Best Before Date Guidance for your Food

Food Safety Training (FDA) Resources for Pregnant Women and people living with Diabetes

Food Safety Training Resources for Seniors and people living with Cancer

Food Safety Training Resources for Transplant Recipients and people living with HIV

Codex Alimentarius Code-of-practice for HACCP

Key to growing safer fruits and vegetables – WHO

Food Safety & Protection Manual
Source: NYC Public Health

Employee Health & Personal Hygiene Handbook
Source: FDA

Food Irradiation – What you need to know
Source: FDA

Bad Bug Book (Pathogens that make us sick)
Source: FDA

Safe Food Irradiation – Levels

  • Gamma rays (γ-rays ) from the radionuclides cobalt-60 (Co-60) or cesium-137 (Cs-137)
  • X-rays generated from machine sources operated at or below an energy level of 5 MeV
  • Electron Beam (e-beams) generated from machine sources operated at or below an energy level of 10 MeV

References: FSANZ; EFSA & MoH

High-Pressure Food Processing – HPP

Safe Minimum Temperatures for Food Service
Source: FDA

About Food Safe

Food Safe Ltd is Accredited by the New Zealand Government + is a Category 1 NZQA-Registered PTE. Training complies with the Food Safety Bylaws and Verifier Audits right across New Zealand.

Our training is trusted by both well known New Zealand and Global food companies and heaps of small teams too!

Food Safe’s advisory committee includes leading experts, quality and compliance managers, and governance experts. For even more information about Food Safe and the companies we work with, click here

Food Safe’s Expert-Led Food Safety Certificate Training

Food Safe delivers Expert-led Food Safety Certificate Training LIVE via our ONLINE CLASSROOMS. We also run on-site classes for the public across New Zealand including Auckland, Christchurch and Hamilton.

Food Safe has collaborated and delivered training for a number of performance-fuelled organizations and global brands.

We have a proven track record of delivering customized training at companies throughout New Zealand from Moerewa in Northland to Gore in Southland and across New Zealand from the rugged West Coast to Waiheke Island.

Read our 350+ 5 trainees reviews on Google and Facebook

Why Choose us for your Training?

  • The information we provide you on food safety is the very latest.
  • Learn in an engaging and interactive environment
  • We use slides, pictures, and a show-me-how approach to our training which suits all learner types
  • Food Safe Trainers are industry experts and have extensive practical experience in high-compliance areas, which we bring to the classroom.
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