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6 steps to Continuous Improvement


There is no doubt checklists continue to play an important role in our daily lives. Over the years some have evolved beyond the simple to-do list and play a critical role in managing safety across the board.

Pilots use them to reduce errors in the cockpit, surgeons use them to manage infection rates, auditors use them to check for compliance, and smart businesses use them in the management of safety.

Food Safe has compiled a simple 6-step guide to continuous improvement for businesses:
  1. Make checklists of all safety systems
  2. Train all staff to use them
  3. Get the team to provide feedback and proactively identify gaps
  4. Improve the checklist as you progress
  5. Get in the habit of checking checklists at least twice
  6. Lastly, keep it simple

For internal audits aimed at continuous improvement, contact [email protected]