Food Safety Passport


This video summarises the Food Safety Passport 



About Food Safety Passport:

A global identification card that confirms that the card holder understands food safety and how to maintain the safety of a food premises.

This assists companies minimise risk to food safety and standardise operating practice.


 The passport holder is:

  • aware of hygiene procedures; red-line responsibilities, including crossing into high-risk food production areas
  • aware of responsibilities with regards to product, equipment and tool safety
  • competent to work in a food area, from farm to fork.


Who's it for?

  • Workers in a food area who require induction training from farm to fork
  • Contractors in food and related businesses
  • Temporary workers from recruitment agencies.
  • Delivery drivers and suppliers
  • On-site maintenance engineers and warehouse staff
  • University students
  • Anyone wanting to work in food and related sectors


Training content:

  • Global Codex Alimentarius guidelines
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from Farm to Fork
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Food Safety Plans (FSP, FCP, RMP)
  • Food Safety Hazards including Microbiology
  • Red-line procedures and zoning
  • Allergen management


Optional additions:

  • Fault finding, Problem solving & Root-Cause-Analysis
  • Introduction to 5S
  • Introduction to Health & Safety and Environmental Safety


Quality Assurance:

Food Safe’s advisory committee includes leading university microbiology experts, operations, quality and compliance managers and governance experts.


Food Safety Passport can link into the following types of Qualification training Multi Food Sector Level 3 & 4 Qualifications


Food Safety Passport


Make Food Safety Passport your company’s standard operating practice! 


This video explains how Food Safe collaborates with companies to deliver food safety training:



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