Terms & Conditions

The following sections contain important information that applies to all participants of Food Safe Limited’s online and onsite training programmes. Participants must read the below information before attending training. 

Trainees agree to the following terms and conditions by ticking the box when applying for a course(s) with Food Safe Limited. Such terms and conditions are legally binding at the time of booking(s).

Arrival and attendance

Trainees must be punctual and arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the course and must be present for the entirety of the course. The trainer on duty will make a written record of trainee attendance. Trainees that arrive 15 minutes or more after training starts will be asked to re-book for the course on another date.

It is expected that all trainees actively participate in the course. The trainer on duty will observe trainees on their understanding of the course material and assess participation levels. The trainer will also assess trainees’ ability to complete all assignments and exercises.

Food Safe Limited reserves the right to accept trainees at its discretion.

Our Health & Safety Policy:
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Course payment

For advanced training, the total course fee must be paid within 1 day of booking. 

Food Safe Limited offers Direct Bank Transfer and Credit Card payment options.

Food Safe Limited also accepts payments on the day of the course for our public training courses but trainees must arrive 30 minutes before training commences and provide proof of payment.

Payment by Online Banking 

Kiwi Bank Account Number: 38-9012-0669239-00

Account Name: Food Safe Limited.

Please include your surname and date of training in the Reference field, for example: Michael 18/06.

Payment by cash, please bring the exact amount on training day.

All fees exclude GST.

Course fees may be changed at short notice without notification.

Cancellations & Refunds

    • Written notification to [email protected] of non-attendance and cancellations received 10 working days or more before the course – 100% refund given.
    • Written notification to [email protected] of non-attendance and cancellations received within 10 working days before the course: non-refundable, full course fees apply. 

Cancellations – Potential Training Cancellation Scenarios

    • Food Safe Limited endeavors to provide trainees with a quality training experience. Some of our public training programmes include catering for a hot beverage on arrival in hotel conference training room facilities.
    • If an insufficient number of trainees confirm attendance then Food Safe Ltd reserves the right to cancel a training programme.
    • When a training programme is cancelled Food safe will try to do this as early as practicable and where possible provide an option for a trainee to re-book training.
    • Food Safe Ltd is committed to the legislation and a 48-hour downtime or as required by law and Ministry of Health protocols (training cancellation) if a trainer becomes sick with symptoms that can spread, to minimise the risk of safety to food companies who attend our training.
    • Training could also be canceled for circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as travel or flight cancellations for a trainer, road closures, extreme weather etc
    • Trainees who are traveling from a distance are advised to book refundable travel and accommodation or as late as possible to avoid inconvenience.
    • As a result of the above Food Safe will not be liable for any resulting cost to trainees.

Assessment – Achievement support

    • Outcome-based evidence for an achievement decision includes conversation, observation, documentation, and verification.
    • Verification conversations include audio/video recording.
    • On completion of training, Food Safe will update either the trainee/company manager / ITO (where applicable) about a trainee’s achievement status and if any further assessment is required.
    • If a trainee does not Achieve (A) the assessment the status will be Not-Yet-Achieved (NYA).
    • If this is the case (NYA) the options ahead for a trainee will be clearly explained by Food Safe.

Code of Conduct
Food Safe Limited may ask a course attendee to leave a course or withhold achievement if the trainee:

    • does not attend the scheduled course as required
    • is unduly disruptive during the course
    • is in possession of alcohol or anything illegal at the course
    • does not adhere to health and safety regulations
    • displays any form of harassment that is offensive to the trainer and/or other attendees

All training rooms are smoke-free. During training breaks, venue rules and regulations apply.
Use of mobile phones and electronic devices are prohibited during training except for the purposes of engaging in training-related activities and assessments.

If you have a disability that you feel may affect your attendance or ability to participate please contact Food Safe Limited at [email protected] before booking the course.

Business competition
Food Safe Limited is a market leader in training capability. While we endeavour to help people and the public at large succeed with food safety and quality training, we reserve the right not to train/coach/provide training process and/or methodology insight, etc. to people that are in current or future business competition to Food Safe Limited.

Duplicate Certificate Processing Procedure Requests

We only provide a duplicate certificate for:

Food Safe’s Basic Food Safety Training completed with Food Safe Ltd within the last 3 years only due to a number of food safety regulations and compliance changes.

The training is paid for by the trainee or company (because of contractual agreements with the companies) ONLY.

Note: If you have not paid for training yourself then please contact your previous employer who has paid for your training for a copy of the certificate, already sent to them by Food Safe. Your previous company holds your certificate on their files. 

For NZQA training undertaken in collaboration with an ITO and for certificates issued by the ITO please contact the relevant ITO, more information at the bottom of the page.

In order for us to assist you with a copy of your basic food safety training certificate we will need to following information emailed by you:

  1. Full legal name:
  2. Scanned & emailed copy of ID (Passport / Driver’s license) for verification
  3. Location where you received your training
  4. Name of trainer
  5. Date of training
  6. Payment of $40+gst processing fee – PDF copy by email
  7. Contact mobile number

Internet Banking: KiwiBank: Food Safe Limited 38-9012-0669239-00

Email all this information to [email protected]

Only once we receive ALL of the above information would we be able to communicate, locate, verify, process and email the certificate to you.

Please allow 5 business days after receipt of all the above information for processing.

Alternatively, you are able to sit the training programme and receive a current certificate. Click here to book.

For NZQA Unit standard-based training: 

For NZQA training undertaken in collaboration with an ITO and for certificates issued by the ITO please contact the relevant ITO click on the links below.

Primary ITO

NZQA Record of learning

  1. Request a copy of your record of achievement
  2. See your Vocational Pathways Profile and Award
  3. Update your details
  4. Get your results

Trainees can do all of the above directly with NZQA at this link.