Whanake LaunchPad Training

He Taonga Tamariki Manamotuhake or the Gift of Children and the uniqueness of their enterprises is dedicated to all tamariki of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and kids around the world and takes the form of a pilot programme we have named Whanake a Māori word which literally means to move onwards, to spring up and rise or launch for short!  



Whanake Launchpad is a pilot programme by invitation, developed to simplify food science, food safety, technology, data science, digital marketing, problem-solving, math, divergent thinking, entrepreneurship and building something tangible specifically for kids who may not connect with a traditional classroom model, or who might have learning challenges as well as all kids who would like to experience an unboxed learning approach.

Unconstrained learning from a simple lemonade stand, to making a Muesli bar, to how machine learning and artificial intelligence is used in food manufacture!


The video below provides a brief overview of Whanake LaunchPad:  



The slides explain Divergent Thinking and how it has influenced our programme:  



These slides explain the genesis of the programme from a Tikanga Māori and indigenous people learning perspective:  



This video explains how Food Safe collaborates with companies to deliver our training: 



To request this training and benefit from a fun classroom-based learning experience, call us on 0800 003 097 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.