Learn to launch a micro food business

Learn to launch a micro food business


3-day Kids Programme

Learn to create, plan and implement a simple business idea!

Suitable for ages 7-13+ years

Location: At Select Coucil Community Centres and Schools


Kids understand the meaning and importance of:

  • Setting up a micro-business (Entrepreneurship)
  • Goal setting, communicating this and teamwork
  • How money works (Budgeting, income, expenses and profit) 
  • Promoting and selling what we make (Marketing)
  • Interesting food facts and scary stuff (Food Science & Food Safety)
  • Problem solving
  • Recovering quickly from setbacks (Resilience)
  • Looking after where we live (Sustainability)
  • Looking after each other (Health & Safety)
  • Rules and expectations (Compliance) 

A fun, visual, show-me-how, work-with-our-hands approach to learning with a bit of magic thrown in!

On the third day, they get to present an actual group micro business to friends, family and the public.

lemonade stand 


Launchpad is a unique kids programme developed to encourage divergent thinking that helps them succeed. It also simplifies core skills kids need as they grow, delivering an unboxed learning experience!


To get these useful skills for your kids or request this training and benefit from a fun learning experience, call us on 0800 003 097 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.