Lecture food safety training

AUT Lecture

Date: 24 May, 2018

Purpose of Lecture: To facilitate and promote cooperation between Auckland University Of Technology (AUT) and Food Safe Ltd by the sharing of knowledge about the food sector, industry trends, and research. 

At Food Safe we have a track record of collaborating and feeding-forward best practice on projects that ultimately assist the community and students entering the workforce by promoting food safety and science as a career.

Where: AUT lecture room - Details with Dr. Brent Seale


Thursday 24 May, 5.00pm


Lecture includes

Overview of job hunting in the New Zealand Food Sectors

1. What companies look for in a new team member - job scorecards

2. Skills to focus on as a job applicant - factors that influence success

3. How to hit the ground running?

Suitable for: Any Food Safety / Food Technology Students

Case study - New multi-million dollar project: Mataura Valley Milk

Focus: Pre-commissioning

Focus: Post-commissioning

Case study - Mature Global World-Class F&B Exporter

Westland Milk Products

Case study/notes - Tier 1 consulting: Food Safe Limited 

Benefits of internships / apprenticeship-style learning & placements

Find out what it takes to do get a Tier 1 consulting role in the food sector Take the Food Safe Job Scorecard from class and click on the video link that explains what we are about as a company